Man Cited after Attacking Williamson County Deputies with Knife

MARION – A man was issued several citations after the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office said he attacked deputies with a knife Monday afternoon.

Brett R. Peddicord (left) (Photo credit: Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page)

According to the sheriff’s office, Brent R. Peddicord was cited for Aggravated Battery of a Peace Officer (Class X Felony), Unlawful Use of a Weapon by Felon (Class X Felony), Aggravated Assault of a Peace Officer (Class 4 Felony), Resisting / Obstructing a Peace Officer (Class 4 Felony), Intoxicated Pedestrian, and Pedestrian Walking on Highway. Peddicord was taken to the Williamson County Jail.

At 4:15 Monday afternoon, a deputy responded to the area of Illinois 37 and Southern Hunt Road in reference to a call for service reporting a suspicious male.

Upon arrival the deputy spoke to a resident who stated that a man pulled into their driveway and indicated they were out of gas. While speaking with the resident, the driver offered the resident a bottle of an alcoholic beverage from the back seat. He then locked the vehicle and departed on foot traveling down Illinois 37. The deputy left the home and was able to find the man illegally walking in the roadway a short distance away.

While speaking with the subject, later identified as Brent R. Peddicord, he appeared intoxicated. Peddicord repeatedly placed his hands in his pockets and was holding or adjusting something on his waistband which was covered by his shirt, after being told not to. The deputy asked Peddicord if he had any weapons on him, and he responded by pulling a large fix blade knife inside its sheath from his waistband and raised it in close proximity to the deputy. The deputy grabbed the knife and a fight for control of the weapon began while Peddicord repeatedly attempted to pull it away. As the knife started to separate from the sheath, the deputy pushed Peddicord away creating distance from the suspect. The suspect retreated with the weapon.

As a second deputy arrived on scene, the first deputy deployed a taser while the second deputy drew his service weapon. The taser failed to make adequate contact. Peddicord continued to fight deputies while wielding the knife. A second taser deployment made contact with Peddicord causing him to fall to the ground. Deputies attempted to handcuff Peddicord as he kicked and punched the deputies while still brandishing the knife. Deputies responded by delivering strikes to Peddicord and were successful in overpowering and in disarming him of the knife. The incident resulted in one deputy being transported to an area hospital for lacerations to the hand and a back injury.

Peddicord was then cited and taken to jail.

The sheriff’s office says Peddicord has a history of criminal activity and violent offenses. He was currently serving a period of parole from the Illinois Department of Corrections. As a result of prior convictions, some of these offenses are now eligible for enhanced sentencing. 

Shortly after arriving at the jail, the Illinois Department of Corrections issued an arrest warrant for Peddicord, effectively suspending his parole.

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